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SMS Messaging

Still the most ubiquitous, reliable and cost effective mobile communication in the world. With more Tier 1 connections than any other, we offer an ultra-scalable, supremely reliable SMS API, that can reach any one of 5 billion people and things in under a second.

Welcome to the super network.

SMS Messaging 1 SMS Messaging 2 SMS Messaging 3 SMS Messaging 4
MMS Messaging 1 MMS Messaging 2

MMS Messaging

Bring your messages to life using images, video and audio to create engaging campaigns that will keep your customers coming back for more. Available in the US only.

RCS Business Messaging

Say hello to the next generation of messaging. Modernize your messaging with a rich app like experience using our new RCS API.

With full integration into Google EAP and 6 other carriers, we are leading the way to making global A2P RCS delivery possible.

RCS Business Messaging 1 RCS Business Messaging 2 RCS Business Messaging 3
Voice Calling 1 Voice Calling 2 Voice Calling 3

Voice Calling

Add voice calling for better app engagement, stickiness, and increased user retention.

Our Voice API provides reliable, high quality and secure international calling, on a global scale.

Video Calling

Take your comms to the next level with Video Calling, the personal and effective channel to reach your customer base.

Access high quality video communication and seamless integration into any existing app with our easy to use, mobile first, API.

Video Calling 1 Video Calling 2 Video Calling 3
Personalized Messaging 2

Personalized Messaging

Successfully engaging customers on their personal mobile device requires personalized messages. Create tailored messaging to drive brand engagement, increase loyalty, sales and reduce churn.


Secure transitions and legitimize downloads by verifying new customers quickly and effectively.

Use SMS, Voice or Flash, or a mix of all three, to create a bespoke verification solution for your iOS, Android or web applications.

Verification 1 Verification 2
Operator Security 1

Operator Security

Maximize network revenue and protect your business and subscribers today.

Quick and simple to set up, with no infrastructure to install, you can rely on us for a fully automated fraud detection service.

Tuned for the Enterprise

We’ve been optimizing our infrastructure and developing our carrier relationships for over a decade, to ensure your messages get to your customers direct and fast. Our carrier grade platform serves over 70 operators globally and provides our clients with world class delivery rates and super low latency, every send.

With a host of products including SMS, RCS, Video and Voice connectivity, easy to use APIs and a team of industry veterans to support your business growth, there’s nothing stopping you from connecting to 5 billion people and things today!

One Partner, One Global Network - Find out how our Tier 1 Super Network can benefit your business

One Partner, One Global Network

Find out how our Tier 1 Super Network can benefit your business

Designed for Developers

Our APIs and SDKs allow you to easily integrate communications tools such as Messaging, Voice and Video, in just a few clicks.

Looking to integrate SMS Messaging into your business systems and apps? Take a look at our sample SMS messaging code below to start testing now, or visit our Technical Documentation pages for the nuts and bolts information on the entire product suite, it’s all ready for you to explore.

  • 															import com.clxcommunications.xms.api.*;
    																		import com.clxcommunications.xms.*;
    																		public class Example {
    																		      public static void sendSms() {
    																		          try (ApiConnection conn = ApiConnection.builder()
    																		          .servicePlanId("{spid}").token("{token}").start()) {
    																		              MtBatchTextSmsResult batch = conn.createBatch(
    																		              .body("Hello, world!")
    																		              System.out.println("Successfully sent batch " + batch.id());
    																		          } catch (Exception e) {
    																		              System.out.println("Batch send failed: " + e.getMessage());
  • 															$client = new Clx\Xms\Client('{spid}', '{token}');
    																		$batchParams = new \Clx\Xms\Api\MtBatchTextSmsCreate();
    																		$batchParams->setBody('Hello, World!');
    																		try {
    																				$result = $client->createTextBatch($batchParams);
    																				echo('Successfully sent batch ' . $result->getBatchId());
    																		} catch (\Clx\Xms\ApiException $ex) {
    																				echo('Failed to communicate with XMS: ' . $ex->getMessage() . "\n");
  • 															import clx.xms
    																		import requests
    																		client = clx.xms.Client(service_plan_id='{spid}', token='{token}')
    																		create = clx.xms.api.MtBatchTextSmsCreate()
    																		create.sender = '12345'
    																		create.recipients = {'46123123123'}
    																		create.body = 'Hello, world!'
    																		batch = client.create_batch(create)
    																		except (requests.exceptions.RequestException,
    																		clx.xms.exceptions.ApiException) as ex:
    																		print('Failed to communicate with XMS: %s' % str(ex))