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Our Story

Once upon a time in Stockholm…

Our company mission is to simplify global cloud communications and to find a niche by serving both the enterprise and mobile operator sides of the value chain. In order to do this we have developed shared in-house state-of-the-art technology and products which allows us to quickly and efficiently build bridges between different players in the market.

Our mission is to keep adapting to the changing markets, communications use cases and grow our product portfolio, from Messaging, to Voice and now on to Message Personalization. Our core value however remains to deliver the highest quality products through deep Tier 1 integrations with mobile operators around the world. Simply put, our mission is:

Connecting People and Things to a World of Infinite Possibilities.

How We Got Here

It didn’t happen overnight; as a business we’ve grown massively since the start, in size and expertise. Along the way we’ve acquired businesses to give us the necessary technology, connectivity footprint and people we needed to succeed and stay one step ahead of the competition!

Want to delve further into the history of CLX? We have a cool timeline of key dates, outlining pivotal moments that have shaped who we are today; the world’s largest cloud communications company! Check it out below…

Global Footprint - Local Experts

We have in depth country knowledge across the globe to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with the world. From Argentina to the USA, our Country Compliance Guide pages have all the information you’ll need to stay compliant, adhere to marketing and privacy documentation, as well as follow all the rules and regulations in the countries you are sending communications to. Our Local Country Insight pages provide details of the features, Sender ID support and key local marketing stats to help you make informed campaign decisions.

Worldwide Coverage

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The CLX Difference

The combination of our expert teams, state-of-the-art technology and the relationships we've fostered along the way has given us three unique advantages that give us the competitive edge today.

Our World Class Cloud Communications Platform

Programmable Cloud APIs – Enterprise Ready, Developer Friendly

  • We offer a variety of APIs from SMPP to REST in a way that allows developers and enterprises to get integrated quickly, and easily. We have engineers that can form part of your Project Team to help with integration

Security & Compliance – Keep your data safe and in the right place

  • We take security & compliance extremely seriously. All of our data centers are PCI and ISO27001 certified to demonstrate and ensure security best practices and a managed approach to business information protection including risk, governance and compliance. We undertake regular penetration tests and have a full business continuity plan. We can also ensure that data remains in either the EU or the USA by allowing you to connect to different geo-redundant data centers

Succeed at Scale – 1 Billion API events per month without breaking a sweat

  • Our platform scales with your needs no matter how big they are. Our platform is rated at more that 10,000 transactions per second and we have multiple geo-redundant data centers

Optimized to Deliver – It’s the little things that count

  • Our platform is a 4th generation delivery engine that is highly tuned with our Tier 1 Super Network to provide the highest deliverability in the industry. From the careful Error code mapping to the Carrier Encoding, our platform delivers results. Our platform is so good it’s used by 75 Operators globally

Our Tier 1 Super Network

Deep Carrier IntegrationThe highest stability of connectivity and cost

  • Deeply integrating into the Mobile Operator network, gives us unique insights into deliverability and allows us to optimize our network and to maximize deliverability. These integrations also allow us to take advantage of MNOs geo-redundant SMSCs which creates the most stable connectivity both in terms of availability and cost

Lowest LatencyThere is no faster way to deliver

  • By connecting directly to the carrier network we bypass needless delays that naturally occur as you transit other networks. Lower latency mean lower cost and higher customer satisfaction

Secure Data – Your data in safe hands

  • By using our Tier 1 Super Network only CLX and the MNO see your data. With increasing legislation around data protection, data jurisdiction and the right to be forgotten, we can guarantee that the number of networks that see your data will be kept to the absolute minimum and thereby reducing your risk

Direct Escalation If Things Go WrongRapid resolution, delivered

  • Sometimes things can go wrong, whether it be a technical issue or a delayed campaign approval. Given our size, we have escalation paths within Tier 1 communications companies that very few others enjoy. That means when something goes wrong, we have direct access to those who can fix the issue

Our People

Market Experts – We practically invented cloud communications

  • We are the early pioneers of cloud communications and our experts are always on the forefront of any changes, whether it be new connections, regulatory changes or new technologies. We employ local experts in more than 26 countries

Passionate about ServiceOur results speak for themselves

  • Our customers love us because our Customer Service and Sales Teams are experts in cloud communications

Open, Honest & Transparent – No funny business

  • There are quite a few companies out there that will do anything to make a quick extra buck. Our people know that the only way to win is to be honest and transparent even when we make a mistake. We pride ourselves in always doing the right thing

Obsessed with Automation & EfficiencyBuilt to be the cost leader

  • Communications is a tough business and we knew that in order to win we needed to be the biggest and leanest company there is. Automation and efficiency keep our costs down, making your communications more affordable. It is at the heart of what we do

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