13th - Jan - 2016

2016 Mobile Messaging Predictions

  • Customer care

Enterprises and brands will capitalise on the potential of mobile messaging for customer care, particularly as it relates to validating identity and delivering mission critical information.Today many enterprises implement two-factor authentication for added security and protection for their online customers accessing and processing sensitive information. In fact a poll of business and IT professionals overwhelming agreed when asked, “What was the most important action a customer can take to improve mobile payment security”, 66% responded with using two-factor authentication (source: eMarketer, Inc. (2015) ISACA). With highly publicized breaches to sensitive information and continuous threat of identity theft this additional level of security is a proven method in reducing malicious activity and is viewed favorably as a customer care initiative. The growth of identity validation and mission critical message delivery will be especially true in emerging markets.  This will be driven by the continuous growth in mobile adoption and usage by clients.  This increase will drive the need for companies to use mobile messaging to meet these demands. Overall there will be more concern about security, data protection and compliance.

  • Right message at the right time

Consumers will continue to expect to receive relevant information whilst on the move, and brands that do not take advantage of the immediacy of mobile messaging will risk losing a key opportunity to differentiate their services with their customers.A 2015 Global Mobile Survey by Deloitte shows that Americans collectively check their smartphones 8 billion times a day.  On average, the US smartphone user checks their phone 46 times per day (across all age groups).With smartphone and overall mobile phone adoption on the rise worldwide, in 2016 it is estimated that 3.14 billion smartphones will be in use worldwide (source: eMarketer, Inc. (2015) 451 Research).  This means mobile users will expect the ability to have useful information delivered to them at the right place and time.

  • Grey routes are a thing of the past

Operators will continue to maximise revenue efforts from enterprise messaging and will more aggressively than ever start shutting down back doors into their networks. They will seriously explore data monetization. Buyer beware, if the message pricing offered is too good to be true, ask your messaging provider if they utilize grey routes for sending your traffic.  An extremely low message price to a specific destination when compared to other competitors should definitely be questioned to confirm the messages will not be sent via grey route.As a consequence of the above, demand for trusted messaging providers, global solutions, and service excellence will drive savvy enterprises to use larger and more credible partners leaving the smaller players ripe for consolidation.

Contributor: Rob Malcolm

Originally posted on mblox.com

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