14th - Jan - 2016

The Results of CLX Customer Survey 2015

We have completed 2015 year’s customer survey for CLX Networks that was sent out early December. We appreciate all the customers who have taken the time to participate in our survey. The feedback helps us understand how we are preforming and that the services we provide meet the needs of our customers.

CLX Customer Feedback

We have again received very positive overall feedback in our customer survey making us both proud and humble. The positive feedback is a fantastic compliment to the whole CLX organization. We learn that our customers continue to value the consultative and supporting services throughout our organization:

  • 87% describe the relationship with CLX as long-term strategic

  • More than 90% agree that CLX provides stable and reliable services

CLX is viewed as a trusted supplier and we are happy to learn that there is an increased interest to use additional services in CLX’s portfolio.


The vast majority of questions have received an even higher average score in 2015 year’s customer survey compared to our strong results from 2014 and we hope this is a testimony of one of CLX’s core values: Listen and learn (to continuously improve). If you want to give us more detailed feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed working hard to further strengthen our services and our client relationships.

Thank You!

We thank all customers that have taken the time to participated in the CLX Customer Survey. Your feedback is genuinely appreciated and it will help us improve our services to you. To show our appreciation, a donation has been made to UNICEF to support their important work helping children all over the world.

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