22nd - Jan - 2016

SMS is the perfect accessory for Retail

This week the NRF (National Retail Federation) held their 105th annual convention and expo in New York City. It was well attended with over 33,000 conference goers who participated in the four-day event. Check out the NRF recap and highlights here.

To coincide with the NRF event this week, our article focuses on retail and the important role of SMS. Why? SMS goes with almost every aspect of retail; it can be used in conjunction with promotions, customer service, logistics, product information, payments and more. It’s the perfect accessory!

With SMS (text messaging) being ubiquitous in our society, a Pew Research published in 2015 on U.S. Smartphone Use reported that among all age groups polled 18-29, 30-49 and 50+, text messaging was the #1 activity. Retailers can take advantage of this “native app” on every mobile handset. There is nothing that needs to be installed and no learning curve. Text messaging is fast and achieves high “open” rates, SMS open rates are reported to be as high as 98% (Frost & Sullivan 2010 and Epsilon 2009), and even if this value has decreased slightly if measured today, when compared to open rates of email  at around 22%, there’s no comparison. SMS has proven itself a crucial communication tool, and you need to be using it to get your message seen and read by your customers.

In kicking off the new year, we want to recap key information Rob Malcolm shared in an article with Mobile Commerce Daily prior to the holiday season, “Mobile cannot be ignored at any point in the customer journey, least of all the in-store experience.” Here are a few reasons why:

  • 78% of consumers claim they are more likely to visit a store after receiving a promotional text message.

  • 62% of respondents would be likely to adopt in-store mobile notifications or offers based on the department in which they are shopping.

  • Turn showrooming into transactions, inform opted-in users of lower prices.

If you are already using SMS today, please share your success story below in the comments section! If you are not using SMS, and the information here has inspired you to take the next step, we are here to help – just click on the Contact Us button above.

Contributor: Mitzi Mori
Originally posted on mblox.com

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