4th - Feb - 2016

Launch of CLX Carrier Connect: Unrivalled line-up of direct mobile operator connections

CLX Networks is a leading enterprise cloud communications provider. CLX was also recently rated the #1 Global A2P SMS Messaging Provider in independent research from Roaming Consulting Company. CLX continues to strengthen its product and service portfolio by launching ‘CLX Carrier Connect’ a new outbound SMS service based on CLX’s large number of direct operator connections globally.

The new CLX Carrier Connect service includes a different packaging of CLX’s existing direct mobile operator connections. The service is introduced to meet market demand for direct mobile operator connections.

Direct Connectivity

CLX Carrier Connect service has clearly defined guidelines where only three delivery methods are permitted:

  1. Direct on-net delivery: CLX is connected to a mobile operator that enables CLX to deliver directly to its subscribers.

  2. National off-net delivery: CLX is connected to a mobile operator enabling CLX to deliver directly to its own subscribers (on-net) and to other operator networks in the same country (off-net).

  3. Interworking delivery: CLX and mobile operator have signed a direct interworking agreement enabling CLX to deliver to its subscribers.

For clarity:

  • CLX Carrier Connect does not include connectivity via operator group hubs. Despite being operator run, operator group hubs do introduce an additional platform between CLX and the destination operator.

  • To destinations where multiple methods of delivery are possible, CLX will always prioritize direct on-net delivery.


The defined direct delivery provides full transparency for CLX customers. Message delivery though so called “one-hop” and “multi-hop” connections indicate that messages go through one or many intermediary suppliers. Using intermediary suppliers can have a negative impact on service quality. Worst-case traffic is not complying with local regulation and risk getting blocked. Advantages with CLX Carrier Connect include:

  • Transparent message delivery, removing risk of message dropping, use of grey-routes, fraud and message faking.

  • Increased protection of message content by removing un-known intermediary suppliers.

  • Minimized delivery latency by removing intermediary suppliers.

Highest Quality Demands

CLX Product Marketing Manager, Axel Yngvell, comments: “We are already using the direct mobile operator connections in our current service portfolio, the difference is how we have packaged CLX Carrier Connect. There is a clear demand from enterprises to use trusted messaging providers for their business critical communication. We are launching CLX Carrier Connect for enterprises that take quality, security and compliance very seriously.”

Carrier Connectivity in USA and Canada

Besides strong international presence, CLX is uniquely positioned having direct carrier connectivity in both Canada and the USA. The North American carriers (mobile network operators) enforce specific regulation for A2P messaging. All high-volume A2P communication includes short codes and an initial service approval process. Axel Yngvell, comments: “Since the provisioning process for high-volume enterprise messaging differs so much in North America, we excluded our direct connectivity in the USA and Canada from our CLX Carrier Connect service. CLX will continue to provide its direct carrier connectivity services in USA and Canada separately.”

Global Roll-Out

Today (first week of February) CLX Carrier Connect provides direct reach to more than 235 mobile operators globally. Pedro Carmo e Silva, VP Operator Relations at CLX, comments: “Direct operator connectivity is increasingly relevant and CLX is committed to remaining the most trusted partner for the world’s leading mobile operators and carriers. We have added more than 30 direct operator connections since the summer and we will continue to aggressively roll out new direct connections to further strengthen CLX Carrier Connect and our global communications network.”

Contact your CLX account manager or email sales@clxcommunications.com to learn more and to get on the distribution list for updates on CLX’s new direct mobile operator connections.

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