4th - Mar - 2016

Mblox Webinar Series 2016: Session 1 – The criticality of timeliness in message delivery

The expectation by consumers is that SMS is fast. Almost instantaneous, in fact. In the majority of cases, this is true; a matter of seconds elapse when sending a text message. The fact that 90% of them are read within just three minutes of the originator hitting the ‘send’ button gives you an indication.

However, this isn’t always the case. Every A2P messaging provider in the industry has to deal with SMS delays multiple times throughout the working week. The question is: how long will your consumers wait before retrying, or even giving up entirely? All this and more was explored in a recent Mblog article where Rob Malcolm, our SVP in Global Commercial Operations, explored the notion of SMS latency.

Since the Mblog’s launch at the beginning of 2016, our blog audience has been growing and the above article has so far been one of our most shared pieces of content on social mediums such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Therefore, we are proud to reveal that this article will provide the subject matter for the first of a brand new webinar series.

Rob Malcolm will be presenting an examination of the criticality of timeliness in message delivery in our first session. We are excited to give you this opportunity to join us on Thursday 10th March at 17:00 GMT / 12:00 EST / 09:00 PST to hear Rob’s thoughts. Sitting on the board at the Mobile Ecosystem Forum and having been with Mblox – the world’s biggest cloud based mobile messaging provider – since 2003, Rob’s knowledge on SMS is almost encyclopaedic! We can think of no one better to take the lead on this webinar.

It could prove to be a real match-winner for you and your company to join us later on this month. Join us to find out the answers to the following questions:

  • How fast does SMS delivery need to be?

  • How does speed (or lack of speed) impact your bottom line?

  • What can you do to change and improve one or both?

In this webinar, Rob will give you the answers to the above questions, plus so much more, including how to optimize your delivery speed going forward, the importance of security in the 21st Century market, and how two-factor authentication (2FA) can benefit you and your company.

Some may interpret the old saying of ‘time is money’ as a cliché, but it still rings true to this day. It’s an adage. Register your attendance here, or click on the banner image above the blog post.

Author: Lewis Williams, Marketing Co-ordinator at Mblox
Originally posted on mblox.com

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