20th - Apr - 2016

2016: Atlas? Check. New Website? Check…

There’s a long-standing sports analogy common all around the world that goes something like this: “if you stand still, you will get caught”. In short this means you cannot rest on your laurels; if you’re successful during one season, it is essential to build on this momentum and success to excel in the next! Failure to do so can result in the following season being particularly underwhelming. We are sure you sports fans have an example in mind! Certain members of the Mblox Team certainly do…

The same analogy is applicable in many walks of life, including business. Look at what Apple Inc. has achieved in the mobile phone industry. Once they “became champion” after the release of the first iPhone, they didn’t sit back and believe their task was completed, that the standard of their work could improve no more. On the contrary: after Steve Jobs’ ground-breaking announcement, newer and more advanced iPhones followed, all with additional features and changes to benefit the end user.  Using this as a ‘business lesson’, it promotes the need for creativity, innovation and the striving to remain in front  of the competition!

At Mblox, we take this business lesson to heart on a daily basis. The goal for continuous improvement, or Kaizen (‘change for the better’), is a factor that goes into every decision we make; in every department, on every level of the hierarchical pyramid. Back in February we introduced Atlas to the world – our new mobile messaging infrastructure, the most advanced of its kind on the planet. As the world’s largest independent cloud based mobile messaging provider, we invested months of hard work to achieve the potential reach of 97% of the world’s population!

Less than two months after Atlas, we have another major announcement to share; our new corporate website has been launched!

Thanks to months of hard work from all corners of the company, as well as the external efforts of design studio Dodgems & Floss in the UK and business consulting firm Slalom in the United States, our website underwent a major overhaul. We have utilized everything at our disposal to bring you this new website; design and web technologies and incorporated customer feedback. We are extremely proud of our efforts and we hope you like it, too.

Our sleek new design is not only pretty; it makes navigation a breeze. It’s also much easier on the eye, too! You can find our SMS global pricing information and learn about our services in one place. We have many resource documents for you to read online or download, videos to watch and more. The new Mblox corporate website is just better. For SMBs and large companies alike.

Initial responses of the new design internally here at Mblox have been overwhelmingly positive! The clean design and fresh feel received high marks. Our employees all over the world share the opinion that the bold colours, easy-to-read text and overall design leave a lasting impression. Aside from the aesthetics, navigation and the organization of documentation, information and pricing were big plusses. My personal favorite? It is now easier than ever before to get started with Mblox; it can be done in a matter of moments!

Ultimately, we want to make sure that you, the visitor, can find the products and services best suited for you, whether you are a small business owner in Afghanistan, or a multinational conglomerate with headquarters in Zimbabwe, we are the mobile messaging provider for you. Everyone specializes in something, but we specialize in making global SMS easy: truly A to Z.

Have a look around our website and get a fresh take on what we have built our reputation on. We believe our newly launched website can help our existing customers become more knowledgeable and to make it easy for new clients to gain the information they need to make the decision to choose Mblox a much simpler one!

We never stand still.

Author: Lewis Williams, Marketing Co-ordinator at Mblox

Originally posted on mblox.com

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