23rd - Jun - 2016

Mobile Operators rank CLX as one of the global leaders in customer service

CLX ranks top two in a new report from Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO) on customer service.

Roaming Consulting Company supports mobile network operators with important buying decisions, including offering vendor performance reports. The report offers research in the specific area of customer service provided by mobile operator partners and vendors.

CLX rated second in the report with MNOs calling the customer service outstanding. CLX got high scores in all three categories examined:

  • Care – issues related to just how much a Vendor cares about the wellbeing and happiness of its clients.

  • Capability – a Vendor’s ability to deliver when its client needs support and what “capability” they have to solve the issues.

  • Quality – KPIs that focus on the way that Vendors deliver their services towards their clients.

The MNO Customer Service 2016 report from Roaming Consulting Company is made from January to May 2016 and based on close to 300 responses from 158 mobile operators in 123 countries.

Find more information about the MNO Customer Service 2016 report from Roaming Consulting Company here: MNOs Customer Service Champions 2016

We are of course very proud of the results and thankful to see the result of our continuous effort to be the best cloud communications provider with happy customers and partners.

We will continue our work to make the journey for our customers as easy and as rewarding as possible, whether they are interested in messaging, voice or IoT connectivity services. If you have any feedback, questions or would like more information, please contact us over email at sales@clxcommunications.com.

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