12th - Jul - 2016

It’s Official! CLX Completes Acquisition of Mblox

On Monday, July 11, 2016, CLX Communications completed the acquisition of Mblox to officially become one company. The announcement of the acquisition was made public in May with a projected completion date in July. The acquisition strengthens CLX’s mobile messaging products and services with the addition of a large number of global direct Tier 1 carrier connections, especially in the USA, UK, and Australia. Earlier this month, the results of the ROCCO (Roaming Consulting Company) report were published and declared CLX the leading Tier 1 A2P SMS vendor, with Mblox rounding out the top 5.

Johan Hedberg, the existing CEO of CLX Communications will be the CEO of the combined company with Tom Cotney, the former Mblox CEO taking on an advisory role. Johan and his executive team, many of whom started their early careers at Mblox, are seasoned experts in cloud communications. Their leadership and expertise will lead the combined company to even higher levels of performance.

This is an exciting time for all of us here at Mblox as we begin a new chapter in our new company’s history. As we move forward, combining our resources, products and infrastructure, our clients will be the big winners. We will take the best from both cloud platforms to emerge with a best-in-breed cloud communications platform and connectivity footprint that is highly competitive and will have few rivals in the market.

The cloud communications platform will go well beyond text messaging. Voice services, both inbound and outbound, and IoT (Internet of Things) are products included in the cloud communications platform. In the coming weeks and months, as our integration of services continues, we will have more announcements and information to share with our clients and the marketplace. Changes will be across the board, including combining the corporate websites from both companies into a cohesive offering under the CLX Communications brand name.

For more detailed information on the finalization of the acquisition, check out the press release here. And to monitor products and services updates, please visit www.clxcommunications.com.

Originally posted on mblox.com

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