29th - Jul - 2016

Our Journey – Next Stop: Blog Alerts

Happy New Year!

This three-word ‘article’ may seem pretty innocent, just a simple goodwill gesture to a then-small number of readers. But its significance is so much more than that. Our opening gambit indicated a fresh start, a new dawn; not just in terms of the calendar year, but also in our quest to provide cutting-edge industry information and insights in 2016 and beyond.

Before we even launched our blog, we had big plans for it. We didn’t want to become your average blog, yet another for mobile messaging. We wanted to become the blog for mobile messaging.

As far as we are concerned, there is no ‘end-game’ with this goal. The industry and its environment is constantly changing. Whether it be company mergers, IPOs, product developments or industry trends, the landscape is always changing and as a result, we’re striving to keep ourselves one step ahead to bring you the news, ideas and facts from within our sector.

The latest step in this journey? Blog alerts.

A personal gripe of mine is missing an article in a number of my favorite blogs. It’s easily done; blogs don’t tend to be scheduled regimentally. They do not post on a certain day at a certain time, every week. Well, we certainly don’t, anyway! Creativity shouldn’t be hindered by time constraints. Nonetheless, without any indication of a new article means one – or many – can slip you by before you realize it.

It dawned on us that this could be happening to our now-established (and much appreciated!) audience. So we have the solution – sign up for blog alerts to receive an email notification every time we release a new post! To sign up for these notifications, visit our blog and click on the ‘Sign up for blog alerts’ link on the right-hand side. Easy!

Alternatively, you can visit the sign-up page here.

We understand that email inboxes are becoming fuller and fuller with spam and junk. Therefore, these emails will be short and snappy and you can unsubscribe from these alerts at any time. However, we hope you won’t want to do that!

I wish more blogs would do this…

Author: Lewis Williams, Automation Executive at CLX Communications

Originally posted on mblox.com

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