23rd - Sep - 2016

cbfsms.com is dead, long live cbfsms.com!

CBFSMS.com was created in 2001 as a way for users to send and receive free SMS messages to any handset in the UK. This service was quickly adopted by people who found themselves in an emergency situation where they had lost their phone, or by students wanting to save money… remember this was long before unlimited text tariffs! As a consequence of the somewhat cult following CBFSMS.com amassed, the service become a UK institution which still attracts more than 100k visits and sends almost 500k SMS messages per month.

The service was based on a simple advertising-led business model, where the amount of ad-generated revenue would cover the cost of sending the messages. On this basis the site was successful but was never really that profitable, but then, it was never designed to be. The site did also provide the parent company CardBoardFish (recently acquired by CLX Communications) with advertising space to promote other products to the passing visitors.

So you may be wondering why we are shutting down the service? Well, it has been a difficult decision, but unfortunately the site has been attracting a small but meaningful amount of nefarious characters of late who, despite many warnings and restrictions on the site, continue to use it to send anonymous abusive messages. Naturally these attract the attention of law enforcement who frequently request IP addresses and other trace information in order to track down these unsavory characters.

The cost of responding to these requests and the need for significant investment to better filter likely abusive messages has proved to be too high to continue the free service. It is disappointing that something so good to so many has been ruined by the few.

The service shuts down on the 2nd October 2016 and will be replaced by an SMS Messaging Hub, a directory of the global messaging ecosystem. Watch this space for more information!

We would like to thank the many loyal CBFSMS.com users over the years and bid you farewell!

Author: Rob Malcolm, VP Marketing & Online Sales at CLX Communications

Originally posted on mblox.com

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