21st - Feb - 2017

CLX named top innovator in new ROCCO report

Telecommunications analyst ROCCO has just released a new report where mobile network operators (MNOs) ranked CLX among the top three most innovative businesses, out of 90 vendors that were rated. The survey answers came from 142 MNOs in 119 countries, representing a significant part of all operators worldwide.

The report used 18 key performance indicators to rate all vendors in three different categories:

  • Leadership: Inspiring, proactive, risk taking

  • Creativity: Investment, original ideas, challenging

  • Engagement: Reducing costs, increasing quality, creating efficiency

CLX Communications received high scores in all three categories, with the highest marks in the Engagement category.

We are of course very proud of being recognized by these operators for the innovation that is an integral part of our business. For us, innovation comes in many shapes and forms:

  • New connectivity services, such as mobile data, which enables new applications and improves existing ones.

  • New packaging of services, such as our Enterprise Messenger product, tailored for customers in a particular segment to make their businesses easier to operate.

  • New and improved applications based on our connectivity services, such as two-factor authentication.

  • The day-to-day improvement of all our services to add capabilities as needs arise from our customers, and to improve our efficiency in offering services.

The common denominator for all our innovation is that it changes the ways in which we work to provide additional value to our customers.

We believe that innovation is going to remain a key ingredient in the enterprise cloud communications industry. In the last ten years, this industry has moved from an entirely SMS-centric focus to offering an array of connectivity services. At the same time, it has grown phenomenally, supporting new applications for an ever-increasing number of companies, and we see this development continue all over the world.

We can be sure that mobile communications will continue to be an important part of our lives  going forwards, but how we leverage mobility to create new value will undoubtedly change. To stay relevant, cloud communications providers must continuously evaluate what they offer and how they do business. At CLX, we remain dedicated to innovation:

  • Servicing all kinds of businesses from all over the world enables us to identify emerging and potential needs across a vast number of customers and to evolve to meet those needs on an ongoing basis.

  • Our Tier 1 Super-Network of over 200 MNOs gives us an unmatched footprint that we can use to deploy new products with unparalleled global reach.

  • Using our own high-performance, carrier-grade platform gives us full control over the technical infrastructure used to deliver services, decreasing the time-to-market for new services and allowing faster iterations in their development.

We strive on staying innovative in coming years, transforming our business, the business of our customers, and the cloud communications industry as a whole.

To read more about the ROCCO report, follow the link here.

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