26th - Jul - 2017

The New Future of Enterprise Messaging Report – What you need to know

With Apple’s Business Chat set to launch next year, the rise of chatbots and Google’s RCS Business Messaging standard coming to market, it’s fair to say that the messaging space is heating up. Against this backdrop, the use of A2P SMS continues to surge. Ovum forecasts 1.28tn A2P SMS messages will be sent in 2019 (up from 1.16tn in 2016). That’s 1.28tn opportunities for enterprises to engage with consumers.

Ovum’s Enterprise Messaging Survey, launched last week in partnership with CLX and Symsoft, explores the rapidly evolving business-to-consumer communications market including SMS, Chatbots and RCS. It provides a clear indication that brands and businesses are ready to embrace richer, more interactive messaging formats.

Here are five key take-aways from the report, which can be downloaded here for free.

  1. The use of two-way SMS is growing. 23% of respondents stated that their use of two-way SMS had increased during the previous 12 months. Typical use cases include rescheduling appointments or having an SMS-based conversation with a contact center agent.

  2. Businesses are getting comfortable with chatbots and AI as part of a mix of enterprise messaging options. 25% of respondents in the survey said they have already deployed a chatbot to automate customer interactivity. Improved customer interactivity, reduced churn and the ability to connect with hard-to-reach demographics like millennials were given as the main reasons.

  3. Chatbots are being put to work across multiple channels. 84% of businesses that are using chatbots deploy them via chat apps including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Line, Telegram and Skype. 76% of respondents have deployed chatbots on social networks and social media. A further 48% of the respondents indicated that they use SMS to deliver a chatbot experience to their customers.

  4. RCS is coming. One in three respondents (36%) are planning to adopt Rich Communications Services (RCS) business messaging when it launches later this year. Among those businesses that are ready to embrace RCS messaging, 94% agreed that the ability to deliver richer communications, including images and videos was key, while 89% were interested in using RCS to allow their organizations to have a Chatbot-based, conversational interaction with their customers.

  5. Enterprises value richer, more interactive messaging formats. Over half of the respondents would be willing to pay between 1.5 times to three times the price of an ordinary per-message SMS.

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