4th - Jun - 2018

CLX Partner with Advent Controls at IFSEC 2018

We’ll be joining forces with UK based alarm and access control electronics manufacturer Advent Controls at the International Fire and Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC), at ExCel in London from the 19 – 21 June 2018. We will be showcasing our IoT Connectivity Security Solutions together with Advent Controls. This is the first time CLX will be in attendance at IFSEC, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the fire and security industry can benefit from our Cloud Communication services, with a particular focus on IoT connectivity.

Ahead of the event, we caught up with David Pearson, IoT Sales Manager for CLX, who has been working with Advent Controls on enabling data connectivity using a CLX IoT SIM card. We quizzed David on how IoT sits in the fire and security industry, and what Advent Controls and CLX are doing together.

  • Why are fire and security installers turning to cellular IoT, what can it offer them?

With the PSTN and ISDN networks being phased out in the coming years, installers are increasingly turning to cellular connectivity, to make sure their security installations are future proofed, essentially saving money in the long term. Although fixed internet or WiFi are often used as primary connectivity, many security service providers are adding cellular connectivity as a fall-back alternative.

  • Tell us about how CLX are working with Advent Controls on their IoT installation

Advent Controls needed cellular connectivity for their GSM Dialler and Intercom solutions. As the CLX SIM can maximize coverage through access to any GSM network in the UK, and allows the modem to choose the most reliable network for optimal signal strength, it is the right SIM for them.

  • What kind of benefits will this connectivity offer Advent Controls?

It will ensure maximum uptime and network redundancy, ultimately reducing support issues and associated costs that can arise when using commercial grade, single network SIM cards that are not fit for purpose. It will also speed up the installation process considerably, as the same type of SIM card can be used for every device, regardless of destination.

  • What does this capability mean for Advent Control’s customers

Advent Controls pre-configure their hardware with the CLX Communications APN. The APN (Access Point Name) needs to be correctly configured in the mobile device to enable a data connection to the internet. Each SIM card provider has their own APN setting, and if it’s not configured correctly it results in no data access. This is currently the main cause of technical issues on installations. Along with getting a more reliable service, this is one of the biggest benefits being seen by Advent Control’s client base today.

Planning a trip to IFSEC? Book a meeting with David to find out more about the CLX SIM card, and to discuss how IoT can work for you. We look forward to seeing you there!

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