11th - Oct - 2018

Video Calling Could be the Perfect Tonic for the Healthcare Sector

Globally the demand for healthcare services is escalating. At the same time digital channels, for most, is the preferred medium for accessing data and services.  

The healthcare sector is beginning to respond by offering apps that provide routine medical services, booking appointments and access to personal medical data. Some healthcare providers have taken this a step further. Bupa for example offers private medical insurance customers video consultations with qualified GPs via smartphones.  

The move to digital of course delivers two important needs – access to healthcare information for patients, and an easing of the burden of costly front-line healthcare providers.  

Recent research by our sister company Sinch, looked at how video is increasingly playing a role for the medical profession – this handy infographic captures the highlights. Check out the full whitepaper here.

Healthcare Video Calling Infographic

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