Using SMS To Insure Security

Many companies are now using SMS to increase customer engagement and strengthen their brand, but approaching things from a different perspective can result in new and interesting ideas, or ways to further increase competitive edge and customer loyalty.

Supporting Insurers worldwide to achieve safer and smarter mobility for everyone, technology company The Floow have done just that, and are making waves in the Insurance industry by using SMS to manage incentive and reward programs for some very high-profile insurance companies in the UK and the USA.


A good incentive or reward program can keep customers highly engaged and keep them focused on driving more safely. Managing this kind of program via SMS can make it easier for the company to administrate, and heighten the user experience. It’s a win-win situation.

Established in 2012, The Floow’s vision is to make vehicles safer, smarter and cheaper for all, by making use of data and social sciences in ways that could change driver behaviour and lower risks on the roads. Their passion for science is a fundamental part of their organization, as is their absolute commitment to delivering the highest quality telematics technology and services in a uniquely customer-focused manner, which not only benefits insurers, fleets and manufacturers, but also delivers great value to drivers and other road users.

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    UK & USA


The Floow were approached by one of their clients who were looking to introduce an SMS based customer validation process to their reward scheme. They needed to ensure there was no chance of customers attempting to fraudulently claim rewards. The Floow identified that embedding an SMS verification process, with a one-time passcode, into the mix would enable exactly the kind of security they were looking for.

The Floow’s client also wanted to use SMS as a means to drive customer engagement, i.e. to send prompts to download apps or access specific information. Both The Floow and their client needed a way that this process could be integrated, and managed seamlessly.

Of paramount importance to The Floow when evaluating their options on this project, was the ability to deliver the exact SMS service that their client was asking for – it needed to integrate easily into their existing platform, and they needed it to partner at speed, with reliability being key.

Time pressures were a big issue for these high-profile insurance clients – the time frame to source a supplier, find the right product and then integrate was just 2 weeks. In addition to this, the solution needed to work in both the UK and the USA.

  • Challenge #1

    Challenge #1

    Eliminate fraudulent reward scheme claims

  • Challenge #2

    Challenge #2

    Drive customer engagement



The Floow turned to CLX following a trusted colleague’s recommendation

  • Following successful integration of the CLX SMS API into their platform (in the required time frame, we might add), The Floow are now using SMS to successfully drive customer engagement and verify secure access to incentive and reward accounts for their high-profile insurance clients.

  • Prior to working with CLX, The Floow had no way of offering this kind of service, which they are now finding is considered a table stake, as Rebecca Ball, Marketing Leader at The Floow explains, “customers now expect a reliable SMS provision as part of the solution.” Rebecca goes on to say that CLX “delivered a valuable customer solution, which if it had not been available so quickly, might have impacted the relationship held with our client.”


Now the solution is up and running successfully, Marketing Leader Rebecca Ball commented that, “integrating SMS is a highly repeatable process, so this solution can be easily replicated, giving us an advantage on speed of delivery for future clients.”

Rebecca advised that, for The Floow, the solution offered by CLX was attractive due to its “straightforward integration, ease of use, simplicity and minimal ongoing cost” and, as Rebecca goes on to say, it “helped us to cost effectively meet the challenges of customer engagement and customer validation, it was easy to get up and running thanks to the strong support we received from CLX.”

  • Up and running successfully within specified timeframe

  • Easily replicable solution to offer future clients

  • Advantage on speed of delivery for SMS communication

  • Straightforward, simple solution delivered with minimal ongoing cost

  • Customer engagement and validation needs met


The Floow are now enjoying all the benefits that working with CLX brings – including the security and peace of mind that comes with sending SMS through a trusted partner’s Tier 1 Network, allowing access to worldwide markets through just one provider.

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