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Companies are increasingly turning to SMS to communicate with their customers, it’s quick, cost effective, has an attractive open rate and is one of the most prominent forms of communication used today. Technology has made it easy to leverage SMS to ‘speak’ to customers, but maintaining delivery quality and honest support is a more difficult task to master.


Founded in 2003, SMS77 offer a variety of interfaces, including SMS, for businesses to keep in touch with customers and employees across a huge range of industries from catering and doctors, to fintech, IT, hospitality and transport to name just a few. From small businesses through to start ups and larger companies, SMS77 aim to face the market with flexibility, whilst constantly innovating and adding value to messaging applications.

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Confronted with the age-old problem of being stuck in a chain of resellers, SMS77 found themselves in a perpetual loop of people who didn’t really know what they were doing when it came to sending SMS. To make matters worse, those they were dealing with had no direct network connections to make the job any easier. For a growing business like SMS77, getting direct connections is not an easy task – it’s neither readily accessible or affordable, so it was time for them to find a more cost effective and efficient solution.

SMS77 were looking for a few key things to help them make a decision on who to work with. First and foremost for them was quality of delivery, closely followed by the availability of transparent information, a comprehensive website that explained the possibilities of SMS well, and then good old fashioned honest support to back it all up.

With a need for quick and simple integration to enable reselling of SMS to smaller companies like fire departments, opticians, car service stations, or even owners of ‘smart homes’, SMS77’s goal was to build services around SMS, like automated daily messages or contact management.

  • Challenge #1

    Challenge #1

    Enable cost effective and efficient direct connections

  • Challenge #2

    Challenge #2

    Build contact management services around SMS



SMS77 came to CLX for a quick, cost effective answer

  • Now using CLX’s HTTP API SMS to offer services to their clients, SMS77 are enjoying what founder Christian Leo refers to as, “continuous high quality and good support”. Thanks to CLX’s simple HTTP API, which was set up “really quickly – only took a few hours to integrate and get working,” SMS77 are now providing the services they set out to, in a way that suits both them and their customers.

  • Thanks to the reliable, Tier 1 Network gateway that CLX has provided, SMS77 now have access to the direct connections that only those with deep commercial, operational and technical integration can offer. SMS77 are also enjoying the benefits that come with the 24/7 support on offer from CLX.


Working with CLX to streamline their SMS operations, SMS77 have successfully reduced the amount of resellers previously dealt with to get messages where they need to be. Using the direct connections supplied by CLX has enabled SMS77 to optimize the quality of service they offer to their customers, whilst also simplifying their internal operations and reducing workload for employees. As Christian Leo comments, “working with CLX has been a pleasure.”

  • Number of resellers involved reduced

  • Direct connections enabled to improve quality

  • Internal operations and workload simplified

  • Increased control to eliminate mistakes


The increased control over how SMS77 now manage their SMS communications has given them the opportunity to eliminate the potential for mistakes that can so easily happen when using multiple businesses in a chain.

  • As well as this, working with CLX has opened up the doors for the quality support that SMS77 so desperately needed. Now enjoying “qualified and quick help whenever I need something”, founder of SMS77, Christian Leo goes on to say that the level of support he has received from CLX has been “outstanding, really perfect.”

  • Taking advantage of CLX’s direct Tier 1 Network has brought SMS77 the kind of connections that had previously only been a dream. Christian commented that “before It felt like there were dozens of other suppliers and resellers in the line between the competition and the operator – but not at CLX.”

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