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The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the transport and logistics industry in recent years. Efficiencies enabled through SIM-based cellular IoT solutions, have helped businesses to streamline many key functions, such as asset tracking, data transmission and usage-based cost allocation.


Top Fuel is a Swedish fuel cistern and tank-monitoring specialist, which have been utilising cellular IoT to help optimise its customer supply chain. SIMs placed within telemetric modules in the tanks monitor fuel volume data. When fuel levels are reported as low, the fuel ordering and distribution process is automatically activated, providing a seamless supply chain for Top Fuel and their customers.


However, like many transport and logistic companies, Top Fuel’s previous IoT solution relied on connectivity provided by SIMs that were locked to a single network. This worked well when tankers were only in the domestic market of Sweden, but when they travelled across Europe and beyond the system grew more complex. To ensure a reliable connection regardless of which country the tankers were in, meant Top Fuel had to negotiate contracts with multiple mobile operators in multiple countries.

  • Challenge #1

    Challenge #1

    Eliminate the need for multiple SIM cards

  • Challenge #2

    Challenge #2

    Ensure a reliable connection across Europe and beyond



CLX makes life SIMple

  • The CLX IoT connectivity solution, designed specifically for IoT applications that cover multiple global locations, provides Top Fuel with worldwide coverage through a number of mobile operators globally, via one reprogrammable SIM. This eliminates the need for individual SIM cards and mobile operator agreements in every country.

    Using CLX as a single access point to a global network of mobile operators, Top Fuel has added flexibility when it comes to what telemetry modules its sensors connect to and can optimize in terms of both coverage and cost. Top Fuel will

  • have coverage in any destination without having to negotiate new agreements with additional operators. In addition, the company only pays for its actual usage, instead of a traditional subscription model with fixed monthly fees.

    Not only does the CLX IoT solution make it incredibly easy for Top Fuel to get network coverage in multiple countries, but the rich API feature set provides real-time information on data usage, location and the status of each Top Fuel sensor.


Secure communication is key.

For Top Fuel, the transmission of telematic data is business critical, making the security of the data connection a particular focus for the company. The CLX IoT connectivity solution provides Top Fuel with a dedicated VPN for traffic between the CLX IoT platform and their application. Combining this with static private IP addresses for the sensors, creates a secure IP subnetwork for increased security.

In addition, the CLX SIM cards and IoT service are based on cellular connectivity that come with inherent security mechanisms and comply with GSMA security guidelines. The CLX solution effectively ensures enhanced security features that are absent from IoT services provided over the unlicensed radio spectrum such as Wi-Fi or LoRa.

  • Network coverage maintained in multiple countries

  • Rich API feature set provides real-time information

  • Secure IP subnetwork offers increased GSMA compliant security

  • Enhanced security over IoT services on the unlicensed radio spectrum


The implementation of CLX’s Cellular IoT connectivity solution and reprogrammable SIM has enabled Top Fuel to offer its network of European customers, in thousands of locations, the ability to fully automate its fuel tank monitoring, tracking and order handling process. This optimises fuel and chemical deliveries based on real-time data from sensors in each tank site. The result is significant efficiencies and cost-savings in the complex logistics associated with the petrochemical industry.

  • Jens Johansson COO, Top Fuel said ‘Using the CLX IoT SIM card for global distribution brings simplicity and cost-savings that can only come from having one global partner.  In addition, the enhanced security features makes me confident that our business critical data is always secure.”

    He continues, ‘Storage and distribution within the petrochemicals sector is complex. Changes in the

  • details of our customers’ requirements can have a big effect on the operation of that business. It’s therefore vital to optimise supply chains in the most efficient way possible so that continuity is assured.  Using the CLX IoT SIM card is an integral part of our operation as it ensures that the data we need is received seamlessly, wherever our tanks are, at the least possible cost.’

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