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Take a look at the connectivity options below to find out which best suits your requirements.

Need a little more guidance? Contact our Sales Team who are on hand to walk you through the APIs to help you assess the best solutions for you.

  • Connect Web ToolHTTP Basic APIREST APICloud SMPP APIEnhanced SMPP API
    User InterfaceYesNoNoNoNo
    Available Through PortalYesNoYesYesComing Soon
    Numbers (Two-way)YesYesYesYesYes
    Long Message SupportUnlimited charsUDH Header RequiredMax 1600 charsUDH Header RequiredUDH Header Required
    Integration/Development RequirementNoYesYesYesYes
    RedundancyAutomaticConnect to Multiple GatewaysAutomaticConnect to Multiple GatewaysConnect to Multiple Gateways
    Helper LibrariesN/ANoYesNoNo

Introducing our REST API - Powerful and Easy to Use

The REST API is a simple way to add powerful SMS capabilities to all sorts of applications without needing to handle the complexities of SMS specific protocols. It gives the freedom to develop your applications in the way you want, leaving the heavy lifting to us.

  • Interact via URL based JSON requests over HTTP or HTTPS
  • Feature rich API with high performance standards
  • Allows you to import contacts and create messages to be sent in batches at the time you choose
  • Removing a lot of the complexity with message configuration
  • Access batch and MO reports via simple API requests
  • Retrieve delivery receipts and MOs, or have them sent to callback URLs
  • Gives the benefit with one API-endpoint with built-in message redundancy
  • Automatically populate and manage contact groups based on MO responses

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