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Our World Class Platform

We are completely obsessed with ensuring every request is delivered fast, securely, and reliably. We have built our entire infrastructure from the ground up with this objective in mind. Due to our deep integration in carriers we are able to carefully map error codes, ensure end to end encoding and optimize capacity to ensure maximum results.

Tuned for the Enterprise

  • Optimized to Deliver. Fast

    Optimized to Deliver. Fast

    Our 4th generation infrastructure is optimized to use our Tier 1 Super Network. Everything that comes back from our carrier integrations ensures world class delivery

  • Succeed at Scale Regardless of Size

    Succeed at Scale Regardless of Size

    We currently process more than 1 billion API requests per month and at over 10,000 peak transactions per second, our platform can scale to your needs, no matter how big you get

  • Developer Friendly APIs

    Developer Friendly APIs

    Cloud APIs and code libraries that enable you to integrate quickly and easily. We give you ultimate control of your communications and if you get stuck we are here help

  • Carrier Grade at the Core

    Carrier Grade at the Core

    The same SMSCs and core building blocks that we provide to more than 70 mobile operators globally is at the heart of our infrastructure

  • Secure and Compliant

    Secure and Compliant

    All of our data centers are PCI and ISO27001 certified. We undertake regular penetration tests and have a full business continuity plan

Compliance at our Core

We can ensure that data remains in either the EU or the USA by allowing you to connect to different geo-redundant data centers.


No Single Point of Failure

We have designed our network to be fully redundant so as to ensure even when one data center falls off the map you don’t see any impact to your service.  We work closely with Operators globally to ensure that our infrastructure cross connects to their geo-redundant data centers where possible, but unfortunately some Operators do not always have redundant solutions. In this case, where a failure occurs we will re-route transactions via other Operators,  in the same country, but if this is not possible we will notify you of the issue and keep you updated whilst we escalate directly to the Operator.


Ultra Low Latency

Our infrastructure has ultra-low latency, which includes a best in class request-to-response time and end-to-end delivery time, so you can send and deliver messages faster. This allows for one of the highest conversion and read rates in the industry. Our gateways have an incredible response time of less than 30ms, and we consistently deliver messages in well under 10 seconds to the handset.

Our Tier 1 Super Network

Just a few of our amazing partners around the world. We are very grateful to have the trust and respect from these fine organizations.

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