8th - 11th October 2018

Rovinj, Croatia


CLX is proud to sponsor the 8th GSMA Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group event in Croatia. Meet us there to discuss Operator-to-Operator and Operator-to-Hub interoperability in our Private Meeting Room (No. 8)!

We are celebrating our 10th Birthday in Croatia, look out for upcoming info.

Meet the team at this event

  • Pedro Carmo e Silva

    Pedro Carmo e Silva

  • Divya Loganathan

    Divya Loganathan

  • Lisa Lundell

    Lisa Lundell

  • Jose Silvestre

    Jose Silvestre

  • Kenneth Soon

    Kenneth Soon

  • Ian Waller

    Ian Waller

  • Roman Kuznetsov

    Roman Kuznetsov

  • Varneek Sehra

    Varneek Sehra

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