What trends will influence the future A2P SMS market?

Despite all the communication methods available today, SMS remains the most open and ubiquitous. It's inexpensive, universal and trusted.
What trends will influence the future A2P SMS market?

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    The Technology

    A2P messaging is a key fraud prevention tool. Not only have nearly half of MNOs blocked grey route traffic with SMS firewalls, but 2FA accounted for 18% of total annual traffic in 2017. Find out how to shore up messaging revenue.
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    The Enterprise

    To build greater trust, the industry needed a Code of Conduct, which we worked on with MEF to compile. Is your supplier a signatory? If not, the risk of fraud is very real. We'll walk you through the Code and why it's so important.
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    The Innovators

    Discover a real life use case where A2P SMS is making a difference to customer engagement and security, while also improving safety and lowering risks on roads around the world!
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    The Consumer

    Excellent customer service is essential for any enterprise looking to increase brand loyalty, but the power is shifting from institutions to individuals. Get the low down on why it's so important to offer digital channels to keep hold of customers.

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