What is the Future of Enterprise Messaging?

Take a deep dive into how enterprise use of SMS will continue to grow, alongside the rise of RCS and Chat bots. In this paper we discuss the rapid evolution of the B2C communications market.
What is the Future of Enterprise Messaging?

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  • SMS as a B2C Channel Icon

    SMS as a B2C Channel

    Organizational use of SMS as a customer communications channel continues to grow, and actionable SMS is becoming increasingly important to enterprises, with 23% of survey respondents stating that their use of two-way SMS had increased over the past 12 months.
  • Demand for RCS Icon

    Demand for RCS

    Over a third of respondents indicated their organizations would be interested in using an enhanced SMS/advanced messaging service, such as the GSM Association (GSMA)'s Rich Communications Service (RCS).
  • Chat bots Provide ROI Icon

    Chat bots Provide ROI

    A high proportion of respondents, who said that they had already deployed chat bots, said that their companies were already measuring the benefits of doing so in terms of improved customer service, increased revenues and reduced churn.
  • Pricing Models are Needed Icon

    Pricing Models are Needed

    Most of the survey respondents who indicated that their organizations would be interested in using an enhanced SMS service said they expect to pay a premium to use it, with their preferred pricing model being to pay for a bundle of messages on a variable rate based on total messaging volumes.

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