Are you GDPR ready?

Our new guide takes you though the new EU regulations involving data protection, privacy and security, as well as consumer consent. A must read for all of those working in the enterprise messaging ecosystem.
Are you GDPR ready?

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Why you need to read this paper...

  • What's GDPR all about? Icon

    What's GDPR all about?

    GDPR aims to establish consumer trust in complex data ecosystems, like messaging. The result will be that businesses can operate with a clear understanding of how trust must be nurtured, and not abused.
  • Who's Who in GDPR? Icon

    Who's Who in GDPR?

    Data controller, data processor or sub-processor? GDPR is a complex topic and it's important you know your role in the data ecosystem. Find out more in the guide.
  • Territorial Scope Icon

    Territorial Scope

    It's not only business' in the EU that need to know the regulations, those that sit outside the EEA need to also be compliant.
  • Penalties for GDPR Breaches Icon

    Penalties for GDPR Breaches

    There are huge potential fines for companies who are found in breach of GDPR, running up to a possible fine of €20 million (or 4% of annual turnover). Make sure you're not one of them!

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