How Many SMS are Sent per Year?

In 2016 alone, people sent 8.3 trillion text messages, and this number is growing year-on-year. Not only is SMS a powerful tool for P2P communications, but businesses are sending them to their customers too; the A2P SMS market is predicted to be worth over $58bn in 2020.
How Many SMS are Sent per Year?

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  • Business Also Choose Mobile Messaging Icon

    Business Also Choose Mobile Messaging

    Text messages have a 98% open rate, whereas the open rate of email is just 20%. Most text messages are also opened within five seconds. As a result, the Application-to-Person market is booming across all sectors - as enterprises embrace this trusted, reliable and cost-effective channel.
  • The Rise and Rise of Text Icon

    The Rise and Rise of Text

    The mobile phone was invented for voice. But people saw it differently - text triumphed, and now the medium is ready for the next phase. Aside from the obvious commercial value of the messaging space, the volumes are also staggering; people sent over 8 trillion SMS in 2016.
  • SMS Remains Key for 2FA Icon

    SMS Remains Key for 2FA

    Despite scare stories in the news, SMS pass codes remain one of the safest forms of 2FA. CLX VP Rob Malcolm observes that as much as 20% of A2P messaging on his network comes from enterprises like banks and social networks with authentication content.
  • There's Even More to Come Icon

    There's Even More to Come

    Aside from A2P messaging, big changes are still coming to the industry, in the form of Chat bots. It's even happening now; Facebook has opened its bot API and already has thousands of apps on its platform. The potential for so-called conversational commerce is immense.

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