How Do Businesses Talk To Their Customers?

Businesses are increasingly turning to messaging to converse with their clients, and thanks to its universality, their preference is for SMS. The numbers back this up; 76% of consumers indicated that they have received communications from banks, healthcare providers, retailers etc. via SMS.
How Do Businesses Talk To Their Customers?

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  • A New Era of SMS is Here Icon

    A New Era of SMS is Here

    Although the SMS channel is over 20 years old, it feels as if the text medium itself is on the brink of a new era. This study shows that SMS outscores messaging apps for A2P communications in all verticals, with plenty of scope for even more growth.
  • A2P SMS Adoption is Growing Icon

    A2P SMS Adoption is Growing

    This study reveals widespread adoption of A2P messaging across many verticals, with financial services being the most active. Analysts expect the market to keep growing, with some intriguing market developments driving the expansion.
  • OTT vs SMS? Icon

    OTT vs SMS?

    OTT applications appear to be favored by a majority of end users, with 56% of people indicating that they regularly use Facebook Messenger. But while there's been a shift away from SMS in P2P messaging, the same cannot be said in the A2P space.
  • How A2P SMS and Businesses go Hand in Hand Icon

    How A2P SMS and Businesses go Hand in Hand

    How businesses and consumers talk to each other is changing. One in six use text with healthcare providers, and retail communications contain the most mature market users with a preference to text rather than email.

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