Is RCS the Future? Find out here!

RCS will offer rich dynamic content, branding, real-time response and a truly app-like experience, so there's no surprise this is being touted as SMS 2.0!
Is RCS the Future? Find out here!

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    Benefits of RCS

    The benefits of RCS have been widely discussed in the market place, but one of the features that will make a big difference to businesses, marketers in particular, is that RCS enables analytics: read receipts and delivery receipts which will allow AB testing to gauge the success of campaigns.
  • SMS Fallback Icon

    SMS Fallback

    If a handset is not capable of receiving RCS, then SMS will act as a fall-back to make sure that the message is delivered. An intelligent API is key to determining if RCS is enabled, and if the phone is online and capable of receiving the message in an RCS format.
  • Spoofing Protection Icon

    Spoofing Protection

    Brands wanting to use their logo and/or company name on RCS messages will need to register with Operators, to prove that they are who they say they are. With this in place, both businesses and consumers are protected from spoofing and will be able to trust that RCS messages are coming from the source they say they are.
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    A Hot List of Industry Experts

    Get the latest RCS opinion from CLX and our sister company Symsoft, plus insight from Ovum analyst Pamela Clark-Dickson.

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