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How do I create an Address Book?


  1. Launch Connect from your CLX Portal.
  2. Click Address Book.
  3. Click New Address Book (see screenshot 1).
  4. Add an Address Book name, more information on SMS Subscriptions can be founds here. Click Next.
  5. Select the columns you would like to include in your Address Book, this will depend on the data you have available to you and will allow you to include any uploaded data in your messages (see merge fields and screenshot 2). Click Next.
  6. Review and Complete.


  1. Click the Address Book you’d like to populate.
  2. Click New Entry (see screenshot 3).
  3. All Address Book entries must include a Name and Number (MSISDN)
  4. Select Entry Type:
    1. Single – allows you to add entries individually.
    2. Upload File – allows you to upload a list of numbers.
    3. SFTP – allows you to connect a server to upload numbers programmatically.
  5. If you have chosen Upload File or SFTP you will need to complete the INPUT FILE CONFIGURATION section.  Add a comma in the Separator field and select MSISDN in Column 1 and Name in Column 2.
  6. Proceed to Summary, check and Complete.
  7. This Address Book will now be available to send to in the Batches section.
  8. You can create filters to segment your data (see screenshot 4).
  9. Add the values you want to filter by and click Apply filters (see screenshot 5).
  10. Click Save as new filter.
Screen Shot 1
Screen Shot 1


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Screen Shot 2


Screen Shot 2
Screen Shot 3


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Screen Shot 4


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Screen Shot 5