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How do I send with merge fields?

  1. Launch Connect from your CLX Portal.
  2. Expand the Batch SMS menu item by clicking on the downward arrow to the right of Batch SMS.
  3. Click Batches.
  4. Click the New Batch button to launch the wizard (see screenshot 1).
  5. The file uploaded or the Address Book selected must have merge fields. Click Next.
  6. Compose your message using the merge field chips on the right hand side of the message body box to insert the unique information into your message (see screenshot 2). Click Next.
  7. Preview your message to ensure you are happy with it and that there are no spelling or formatting mistakes. You can send a single test message to check this by entering a number to see how it will appear on the handset. Click Next.
  8. Check that all the details are correct, tick the acknowledgement box then click Complete to send or schedule your batch (see screenshot 3).
Screen Shot 1
Screen Shot 1


Screen Shot 2
Screen Shot 2