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TextTank to Connect – How Do I Set Up Replies?

  1. Launch Connect from your CLX Portal.
  2. Expand the Batch SMS menu item by clicking on the downward arrow to the right of Batch SMS.
  3. Click Batches.
  4. Click the New Batch button to launch the wizard (see Screenshot 1).
  5. Complete the required fields, you can upload numbers from a file, or select a list from your address book. Click Next and then Next again when it’s confirmed that your address book / file upload has been successful.
  6. Receive replies:
    1. Receive replies, Yes. This will select a UK number that will enable a reply.  You can view these replies in the Batches section by clicking the icon in the Action column and selecting Received replies.
    2. Receive replies, Using keyword. This will allow inbound messages to be received to our shared inbound number (447717990000) if the message starts with your keyword. For instructions on how to setup a keyword click here.
  7. Compose your message. You can use a Template or Merge Fields if uploaded, and set a time and date if you would like to schedule the message to be sent later. Click Next.
  8. Preview your message to ensure you are happy with it – be sure to check for spelling and formatting mistakes. You can send a single test message to check this by entering a number to see how it will appear on the handset. Click Next.
  9. Check all the details are correct, tick the acknowledgement box then click Complete to send or schedule your batch.