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Messaging Basics

Where can I find a campaign / traffic report?

You can view information on all the messages you send in just a few clicks! Login to your account and on the dashboard you’ll see a ‘Message Statistics’ area. Here you can view all the messages you have sent and information about those sends, including how many messages have been sent, how many have failed, how many are in progress etc.

A campaign or traffic report can be helpful for you to assess how successful your send has been. This information is helpful for several reasons:

  • You can calculate conversion rates of sales promotion campaigns (for example if you includes a code to be redeemed in store)
  • You can see how ‘clean’ your data is. If your report is returning a lot of undelivered or absent subscribers, you may want to check through your data and take out bad numbers before you next send
  • You can work out costs of future campaigns