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Essential information to get you started

We want to get you set up as quickly and easily as possible, so here’s a quick guide to ensure you can start sending with CLX today!

Here you’ll find all the information you need to set up your new CLX account. From verifying your account, logging in, sending test messages, adding services, setting up billing, right through to how to contact the Support team!

Step 1 - Verifying Your Account

1. Once you have signed up you’ll need to verify your account. This will allow you access to all of the products and services we offer.

2. You will receive a verification email which will provide you with an activation link. If you don’t see the email, please check your spam filters; they sometimes get caught up there!

3. Once verified your account will be fully accessible. You’ll be able to log into the customer portal, add services, complete billing information, order Numbers or submit a Support ticket.

4. We have already added the REST API service to your account and you’ll find the API key on the dashboard, so you have everything you need to get testing today! If you’re not planning to integrate with an API, no problem! We’ve added the Connect web tool to your account too. Plus you’ll find some free test credit added, so you’re all ready to go!

Step 2 - From Testing to Sending

Log In – Once you are logged in, you’ll be able to access the Dashboard of the Customer Portal. Here you’ll find quick links to all of our services.

Testing Services – With the free test credit added to your account, you can test the Connect Web Tool or the API services, REST & SMPP.

Sending – When your testing is complete and you’re ready to start sending live SMS traffic, you’ll need to click on Upgrade in the top menu bar and make a payment.

Step 2 - From Testing to Sending

Step 3 - Billing

1. Click the Upgrade button in the top menu bar. Here you can purchase credit. Your account has a live balance, the cost of messages sent will be deducted in real time.

2. You can purchase up to £1000 (€1000) credit immediately via credit or debit card or by using the PayPal option. For larger purchases we recommend using the ‘Invoice’ option and making a bank transfer.


3. Billing email alerts can be set up by clicking on the ‘cog’ in the top right hand corner, and then clicking on Notifications. Here you can set up your email preferences for daily usage emails and Low Balance Warning notifications.

Step 4 - Adding APIs

From the Dashboard it’s just one click to an API.

Click on the ‘Add’ button beside the protocol you require to add it to your account.

Once added, you’ll be able to see your new credentials under the specific protocol, as well as your pricing.

Step 4 - Adding APIs

Step 5 - Support

1.  Our 24/7 Technical Support team are on hand to help you with any technical issues you have. Click on the Support Tickets tab on the left-hand side of your Dashboard to get started.

2. Creating a Support Ticket. You can create a new Support Ticket by contacting our Support Team via the email address on the Support page, providing a description of the problem, adding any attachments and detailing which services are affected.

3. Anything else? Visit the Help section for further information, FAQs, service documents and tutorials. Any other questions? Please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to assist!

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