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All messages sent via SMS (text messages) are delivered quickly – in seconds and that’s regardless of whether you’re sending one message or thousands of messages.

The benefits of sending SMS are many and varied:

  • High open rates
  • Increased engagement
  • Low cost
  • Ease of access

Take a look at our SMS Product Page for more details on the benefits that sending SMS can offer your business.

For more information on why it’s so important for enterprise SMS to be delivered quickly, take a look at our blog post where we discuss what effect latency can have, specifically on 2FA enterprise messaging speed, or check out our stats on latency and top tips for improving messaging speed here.

The Hidden Cost of Latency

A slow message can cost 42% more

35% of users will request a repeat message if the first one is not delivered within 11 seconds

A message delivered in 20 seconds instead of in less than 3 seconds will cost you 42% more with time sensitive traffic.

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