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To send messages via the SMPP protocol, a bind to our SMS gateways needs to be established. This can be done using open source software, such as Kannel (kannel.org). Once the software is set up and ready to use, a transmitter or transceiver bind to our gateways must be established using the following SMPP parameters:

  1. system_id – identifies the user requesting to bind (username)
  2. password – password to allow access
  3. interface_version – indicates SMPP version supported by user
  4. address_range – the user address

Once a bind is established and kept alive, messages can be transmitted. Delivery reports will be returned to the same system_id as the messages were submitted from.

All you need to get started is your service username and password, which you can achieve in just a few clicks. Simply log into the CLX Customer Portal and click on ‘APis’. From here, add the ‘SMPP API’ to your Active Services. Then, click on ‘Manage’, which will take you to a new page, where you will see your service username and password.

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