If you are having issues with your message delivery, there are a few key checks you can do to troubleshoot the issue. You can do an initial set of troubleshooting yourself:

Receiving Number; is it a valid number, is it formatted correctly, does it include the international country prefix?

What credit do you have? Your Balance is displayed with your account. Ensure you top up your credit so all messages you request are sent.

Did the SMS successfully reach our gateway? Do you have a ‘Sent’ status on the Batch Sender delivery report? Did you receive acknowledgement from our servers that we accepted your message? If not there could be an issue on your side.

Am I sending with the correct username and password? You are provided with a specific username and password for each service you add to your account. All SMS messages should be submitted with these credentials; not your main account username and password.

Do you have a delivery report with an error code? If so, please check against our list here to provide some clarity on the issue.

Our Technical Support Team are always available to help, simply log into your account and submit a support ticket.

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