How to Set up using the REST API

There are many ways to make API calls to our SMS REST API. Here are some popular methods:

Use a free HTTP request GUI, such as “Fiddler” –

Use a web browser extension like “Postman” –

Use a command line, such as “cURL” –

Send a message

Now you’re ready to submit a message to the “batches” endpoint:

HTTP method – Set the HTTP method to “POST

Host and endpoint – Set the host and endpoint, with your service username in place of {service_username}:{service_username}/batches

Header – In the header, enter your authentication token and set the content type to JSON:

Authorization: Bearer {authentication_token}
Content-Type: application/json

Body – Enter the following JSON body, where {your_phone_number} is the recipient phone number, including the country code:

{“from”: “CLX”,
“to”: [“{your phone number}”],
“body”: “Hi this is my first message using CLX’s SMS REST API” }

Submit the request.

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