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Using SMS (text messages) to become an effective text marketer is simple. Thanks to CLX’s straightforward online batch sender, all you need to do is upload your list of phone numbers, write your message and you’re done. To use SMS effectively, think carefully about what information you include.

One text message is 160 characters long, you can use as many characters as you like in a message, it will be concatenated and sent as one message but if you go over 160 characters you will be charged for 2 messages, so keeping it short and sweet is the key. Short messages are also better to keep customers interested in what you’re saying. Think about using links in your messages, sending people to your social media sites or websites ensures that they can get all the information they need if they are interested.

Including a strong call to action is a good way to get customers to engage – a money off code that they have to show at check-out is a sure way to track how many people have responded to your message. Experiment to see what works with your customer base, feel free to take a few ideas from us in our industry guides and use case pages.

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