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When choosing the type of number for your messaging service, it is important to consider the differences between them and how each type match with your needs. In the table below, we have summarized the most important differences between numbers in the US market.

  • Long NumbersToll-FreeShort Codes
    FormatStandard 10-digit telephone numberStandard 1-800 number5-6-digit telephone number
    Throughput1 message/second3 messages/second30 messages/second
    Other Limitations>1:3 inbound/outbound ratio
    Delivery QualityLowHighHigh
    Customer TrustLowMediumHigh
    Fixed CostVery lowLowHigh
    Setup TimeMinutesMinutesWeeks
    Pre-approval RequirementsNoNoYes
    Other CommentsNot approved for A2P useCan have same number for SMS and voice, with separate providers if neededEasier to remember

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