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A2P is an acronym which stands for Application-to-Person SMS. It’s a term used to describe an SMS message sent from a software application (run by an enterprise or business) to a person’s phone.

Receiving a text message with your account balance from your bank, or an appointment reminder from your doctor are examples of A2P SMS messages. A2P messages are being used increasingly for businesses to communicate with their customers, take a look at our Industry Guides pages to see how.

A P2A SMS is the reverse of this, and is when a person sends an SMS message to a software application. An example of a P2A message would be when a person votes for their favorite singer on a TV show or when you opt-in to a mobile service by sending a text message. These types of SMS messages are distinctly different to P2P SMS, messages between two people on an individual level.

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A2P SMS Example

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