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In most countries, receiving an SMS message is free to the end user. There are exceptions however, most notably in the USA and Canada where an End User pays to both receive and send an SMS message. In these countries, some enterprises would like to send an SMS message without the end user incurring a charge for the message. To overcome this, CLX pioneered a service allowing Enterprises to do just that. We call it FTEU, and it enables an Enterprise to send a message in a way that ensures the end user does not get charged. FTEU usually implies an MT Message, but it can also be applied to an MO in countries where an end user will be charged a ‘standard rate’ to send a message to a Short Code. Similar to the MT example above, some Enterprises do not wish the end user to be charged to send a message to a Short Code, and as such can purchase a FTEU Short Code that allows the Enterprise to pay on the consumer’s behalf.

FTEU Short Codes are also known as FreeText Short Codes.

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