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The originator of an SMS is the label describing who or where an SMS is sent from. The most common originator is a mobile number (MSISDN), as this is what is displayed when an SMS is sent from a mobile handset.

The SMS originator field is also called:

  • OA
  • Originating Address
  • Sender ID
  • Label
  • Source Address
  • Source
  • Tag
  • From Address

Different types of originator are described in the following table:


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  • Type NameExampleRestrictionsTONNPI
    International Numeric+447973000000Max. 16 digits11
    National Numeric07973000000Max. 16 digits00
    AlphanumericCLX123Max. 11 characters50
    Shortcode80500Same as National Numeric2, 5 or 00