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Customers are on the move and they are taking their preferred method of communication with them – their mobile phone. To make the most of the huge opportunity that SMS presents, include text messaging in Marketing plans or risk missing out on a big slice of the promotional pie.

Mobile Marketing

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Why SMS for Marketing?

How many text messages do you get that you don’t read? Taking advantage of a direct communication route straight to the hands of current and potential customers is just one of the many compelling reasons to use SMS for marketing campaigns for businesses both large and small.

Businesses using SMS for Marketing are enjoying not only instant engagement, but also high open rates, heightened conversion rates, increased brand visibility and a boost in product awareness.

Why SMS for Marketing?

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SMS vs Traditional Media

Traditional media for a lot of people means print, but these days this extends out to include emails which, when pitted against SMS is in the dark ages. Still a new and innovative means of communication when it comes to Marketing, SMS offers an immediacy that just can’t be equalled. Texts demand instant attention, there’s no competing with other emails in an already crowded inbox where things can be so easily deleted by mistake or end up going straight into the trash without even standing a chance.

How much does it cost to go through the long design process for print? Even if you have an internal designer and print capabilities, there’s still the internal cost to consider. With SMS there are no long, drawn out design processes, no need to brief an agency, review drafts, make amendments and no heavy print and / or postage costs to bear as you sit back and hope that your target market picks up that leaflet or walks past and sees the Point of Sale piece you spent hours on.

SMS vs Traditional Media

160 characters of text and that’s it with SMS – but you can add SO much more by using QR codes, coupons, barcodes, links to your website, social media pages or maps, how to guides, videos and more. SMS offers a high return on a minimal investment.

Advantages for SMS Marketing

  • Reach one customer or thousands of customers in seconds and enjoy full reporting capabilities and message tracking – all for pennies per message
  • Segment customers by vertical markets, geographic regions or however makes targeting more effective for your industry
  • Increase customer retention and build brand ambassadors by reaching out to valued customers with special offers and discounts
  • Schedule campaigns to go out at times that best suit your customers or at times that are more likely to get better responses. Set the campaign up and schedules to go when you are, even if that’s ‘out of office hours’
  • Send messages based on customer location and open up a world of possibilities. Use text messages to generate same day traffic and reach customers when they’re around the corner from your business; out shopping and in the mood to spend or at lunch time with a link to tasty new menu options
  • Maximise post sale opportunities by sending out customer surveys to get honest feedback on how you performed
  • Leverage short codes (link to product page) combined with keywords, to encourage customers to engage using minimal effort for maximum potential

How Is Marketing Being Used?

Marketing is key for any business – if people don’t know you exist, how will they be able to buy your products? Use a variety of methods to keep in touch with customers to keep things fresh and let them know what you’re up to. Take a look at our Industry Guides for more information on how Marketing could benefit your customers.

  • Coupons


  • Customer Surveys

    Customer Surveys

  • Discounts


  • Promotions


  • In-store Deals

    In-store Deals

  • Location Based

    Location Based

  • VIP Events

    VIP Events

  • 'How To' Guides

    'How To' Guides

  • Videos


  • Preview Sales

    Preview Sales

  • Special Offers

    Special Offers

  • Post Sales Care

    Post Sales Care

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