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SMS Messaging

With simplicity at its heart our SMS API provides you with a feature rich global coverage. And when we say direct, we mean direct.

Welcome to the super network.

SMS Messaging 1 SMS Messaging 2 SMS Messaging 3 SMS Messaging 4
RCS Business Messaging 1 RCS Business Messaging 2 RCS Business Messaging 3

RCS Business Messaging

Modernise your messaging with a rich app like experience using our new RCS API.


With a full suite of SMS, Voice and flash verification, we can secure your processes double quick.

Verification 1 Verification 2
Operator Security 1

Operator Security

Quick and simple, with no infrastructure to install, gain a fully automated fraud detection service to protect you and your subscribers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Making global device connectivity simple. Reach the world with a single SIM.

Internet of Things (IoT) 1 Internet of Things (IoT) 2
Voice 2 Voice 3


Our powerful Voice API allows you to use number masking and international calling.


Get quick and simple mobile first Video integration, using our API.

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

Tuned for the Enterprise

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enterprises - Have the power to connect with your customers one on one


Have the power to connect with your customers one on one

Designed for Developers

Our SDK will allow you to get integrated and testing within a few lines of code. Try the code today.

  • 															import com.clxcommunications.xms.api.*;
    																		import com.clxcommunications.xms.*;
    																		public class Example {
    																			public static void sendSms() {
    																				try (ApiConnection conn = ApiConnection.builder()
    																				.servicePlanId(“{spid}”).token(“{token}”).start()) {
    																					MtBatchTextSmsResult batch = conn.createBatch(
    																					.body(“Hello, world!”)
    																					System.out.println(“Successfully sent batch ” +;
    																				} catch (Exception e) {
    																					System.out.println(“Batch send failed: ” + e.getMessage());
  • 															import com.clxcommunications.xms.api.*;
    																		import com.clxcommunications.xms.*;
    																		if() {
    																			echo 'hello';
  • 															import com.clxcommunications.xms.api.*;
    																		import com.clxcommunications.xms.*;
    																		something {