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Taking place on Wednesday 6th December at 10:30am (GMT), our latest webinar, RCS – The Future of Enterprise Messaging will discuss the findings and key insights revealed in our highly acclaimed Ovum, CLX & Symsoft whitepaper – The Future of Enterprise Messaging; SMS, RCS & Chat bots.

With a panel of experts in the field of A2P messaging from both the Enterprise and Operator perspective, we discuss RCS, what the future holds, its potential of offering huge benefits for everyone in the messaging eco-system and whether it will deliver on this potential.

Key topics covered will include:

  • The Enterprise View – A2P messaging; RCS, the future, trends and why Enterprises should care
  • The Operator View – Introducing RCS; the increasing viability of ‘as a service’ and why this time RCS is inevitable.


Tim Green – Features Editor, MEF


Rob Malcolm – VP Marketing & Online Sales, CLX
Leif Ostling – CTO, Symsoft
Petter Naslund – VP Product Management, Symsoft
Pamela Clark-Dickson – Practice Leader, Digital Communications and Social Networking, Consumer Services, Ovum

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