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21st March, 2018 – Stockholm: Global CPaaS provider CLX Communications AB (publ) (XSTO: CLX) announces a partnership with InVMA, to enable and simplify end-to-end M2M IoT solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.

With InVMA, enterprises can now turn previously unconnected, highly valuable industrial assets into smart connected machines. Machines are retrofitted with sensors to collect data relative to location, level, temperature, vibration, moisture, humidity or flow, allowing for business automation and better control of the assets. For example, alerts can be activated when pre-determined thresholds or rules have been met, which reduces downtime, and typically extends the life of the asset with proactive maintenance.

CLX Communications provide InVMA with global cellular IoT connectivity in Europe that supports data, SMS and voice, designed and tailored for enterprises managing connected products. One single CLX SIM card gives access to over 250 different operator networks in 120 countries, all managed through a comprehensive REST API providing real-time connection and consumption information.

Hanna Johannesson, IoT Product Director at CLX Communications, commented, ‘Partnering with InVMA extends our vision of taking existing industrial machines into the Industry 4.0 era. We simplify Industrial IoT connectivity for harsh environments by providing robust and reliable data transfer from critical assets globally. Simplifying mobile communications is at the heart of CLX. We reduce the complexity of cellular connectivity by aggregating connections from multiple operators into a single service accessible through a simple API’.

About InVMA

At InVMA, we design, develop and deploy applications and hardware that improve or transform the way organisations do business. We enable the creation of new revenue streams, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

We deliver innovative IoT solutions by combining world-class management consulting expertise with objective technology advisory as well as hardware, software, IT and OT technical capabilities.

As a new breed of IoT solution provider and a ThingWorx gold partner, we work closely with our clients to address and leverage the disruption IoT creates for businesses.

We help companies stay competitive and take the leap into the connected world.

To learn more please visit: www.invma.co.uk.

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