The guidance below is an outline of the messaging, marketing and privacy rules in the chosen destination.

  • Marketing & Privacy
    BulgariaElectronic Commerce Act (promulgated, SG No. 51/23.06.2006, last amended, SG No. 105/29.12.2011) – lays down provisions regarding unsolicited commercial communication, including unsolicited SMS text messages, establishing an opt-in regime as regards the consumers (more specifically Art. 6 thereof)
    Electronic Communications Act (promulgated, SG No. 41/22.05.2007, last amended, SG No. 24/31.03.2015) – regulates the direct marketing messaging and establishes an opt-in regime for consumers and an opt-out regime in respect of data collected on the basis of commercial transactions (more specifically Art. 257, Para 9 and Art. 261 thereof)
    Protection of the Competition Act (promulgated, SG No. 102/28.11.2008, last amended, SG No.15/15.02.2013) – forbids the unfair solicitation of clients, as part of the prohibition for unfair competition (more specifically chapter 7 thereof)
    Personal Data Protection Act (promulgated, SG No.1/4.01.2002, last amended, SG No.15/15.02.2013) – sets forth the right of the individuals to object against processing of their personal data for the purposes of direct marketing and obliges operators of personal data to file for registration under the law in order to process personal data

Due to the dynamic nature of technology and the messaging industry, the Messaging Compliance Rules are constantly evolving and adapting to keep pace with the changes. As a result, we may update these Messaging Compliance Rules from time to time by publishing an updated version on our website or elsewhere as we determine.

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