The guidance below is an outline of the messaging, marketing and privacy rules in the chosen destination.

  • Marketing & Privacy
    ArizonaAriz. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 13-2919, 44-1271 et seq. (restrictions on unsolicited messages, autodialing, registration)
    ArkansasArk. Code Ann. §§ 4-99-101 et seq. (registration), 4-99-403 et seq. (telephone privacy), 4-99-301 (caller ID), 29-30-178 (Do-Not-Call)
    CaliforniaCal. Bus & Prof. Code §§ 17592 (telephone solicitations, Do-Not-Call), 17511.3 (registration)
    ConneticutConn. Gen. Stat. §§ 42-284 et seq. (telemarketing, Do-Not-Call, calling hours)
    DelawareDel. Code Ann. tit. 6 §§ 2501A (telemarketing laws apply to all telephonic means), 2503A (registration)
    FloridaFla. Stat. §§ 501.059 (telephone solicitation, Do-Not-Call, autodialing), 501.605, 501.607 (registration), 501.616 (calling hours)
    GeorgiaGa. Code. Ann. § 46-5-23 (autodialing)
    HawaiiHaw. Rev. Stat. §§ 481P-1 et seq. (Do-Not-Call, calling hours)
    IdahoIdaho Code Ann. §§ 48-1001 et seq. (telephone solicitation, Do-Not-Call, autodialing, registration)
    IndianaInd. Code §§ 24-4.7-4-1 et seq. (Do-Not-Call), 24-5-12 et seq. (telephone solicitation)
    IowaIowa Code § 708.7 (sending text messages without a legitimate purpose is harassment)
    LouisianaLa. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 45:844.8 (wireless telephonic solicitations), 45:844.14, 45:813, 45:823 (registration)
    MaineMe. Rev. Stat. tit. 10 §§ 1498 et seq. (autodialing, calling hours, telephone sales); tit. 32 § 14702 (registration)
    MassachusettsMass. Gen. Laws ch. 159C (Do-Not-Call, telephone solicitation, calling hours)
    MissouriMo. Rev. Stat. §§ 407.1098 et seq. (Do-Not-Call), 407.1104 (Caller ID), 407.1076 (calling hours)
    New HampshireN.H. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 359-E:7 et seq. (Do-Not-Call)
    New JerseyN.J. Stat. Ann. §§ 56:8-120 et seq. (telemarketing, calling hours); 56:8-130 (mobile-specific restriction)
    North DakotaN.D. Cent. Code §§ 51-28-01 et seq. (telephone solicitation, calling hours, caller ID)
    OhioOhio Rev. Code Ann. §§ 4719.01 et seq. (telephone solicitors, registration, caller ID), 109.87(B) (calling hours)
    OklahomaOkla. Stat. tit. 15, §§ 775A-1 et seq. (telephone solicitation, registration, caller ID), 775B-1 et seq. (telemarketing, Do-Not-Call)
    OregonOr. Rev. Stat. §§ 646.561 et seq. (Do-Not-Call), 646.553 (registration)
    Pennsylvania73 Pa. Stat. Ann. §§ 2241 et seq. (telemarketing, Do-Not-Call)
    Rhode IslandR.I. Gen. Laws §§ 5-61-1 et seq. (telephone solicitation, registration, Do-Not-Call, calling hours)
    South DakotaS.D. Codified Laws §§ 37-30-1 et seq. (telephone solicitation, registration, calling hours); 37-30A-1 et seq. (telemarketing, calling hours)
    TexasTex. Bus. & Com. Code Ann. §§ 304.001 et seq.(Do-Not-Call), 302.101 (registration)
    UtahUtah Code Ann.   §§ 13-25a-101 et seq. (telephone solicitation, Do-Not-Call, calling hours), 13-26-3(registration)
    VirginiaVa. Code Ann. §§ 59.1-510 et seq. (telemarketing, calling hours, caller ID)
    West VirginiaW. Va. Code §§ 46A-6F-101 et seq. (telemarketing, registration), 46A-6F-601 (calling hours)
    WisconsinWis. Stat. §§ 100.52 et seq. (telephone solicitations, registration, Do-Not-Call)
    WyomingWyo. Stat. ann. §§ 40-12-301 et seq. (telephone solicitations, calling hours)

Due to the dynamic nature of technology and the messaging industry, the Messaging Compliance Rules are constantly evolving and adapting to keep pace with the changes. As a result, we may update these Messaging Compliance Rules from time to time by publishing an updated version on our website or elsewhere as we determine.

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