What We Do

Simplifying cellular connectivity

Our focus in IoT is on what CLX does best, reducing the complexity of mobile communication. By aggregating connections from multiple operators into one communication service, offered to enterprise customers through a simple API, we simplify both the technical integration as well as the multiple commercial relations otherwise required.

How it works - Connectivity

Our connectivity is fully based on standardized and secure 3GPP based communication as offered by mobile network operators. As an alternative to non-3GPP based connectivity, such as Wi-Fi, Sig Fox or Bluetooth, cellular connectivity has several benefits in terms of global coverage, inherent security and simplicity in device configuration.

We work with multiple mobile operator partners to offer global connectivity to our customers. Through logic on the SIM card, all supported operator networks can be accessed from the same SIM card. Which operator network that is used is optimized based on available networks for the given location.

How it works - IoT Platform

Our IoT platform is a purpose built, telecom grade mobile core network, including online charging and real-time control capabilities. The platform and the network components it is based on is developed in-house by our fully owned operator division Symsoft and our telecom products are used by 75+ mobile operators, MVNOs and other service providers.

The IoT Platform is virtualized and highly scalable, offering stringent SLAs and quality of service. Due to the large number of in-house developed components in the platform, we have full control to optimize our service end to end and provide the flexibility our customers require.

How it works - IoT API

Our customers access the IoT connectivity service through a robust IoT API, translating the complexity of a cellular connection into comprehensive information and relevant real time control capabilities.

For technical information about our IoT API please our Developers documentation.

How it works - E2E IoT Service

Launching a successful IoT service requires more than the connectivity. To support our customers in successful deployment of IoT devices, we work with partners that are experts on their different roles in the IoT value chain. Please contact us for more information.

SIM Form Factors

All common SIM form factors are supported by the CLX IoT service.


The SIM card included in the standard offering is a traditional SIM card available in 3 different sizes: Nano SIM (4FF), Micro SIM (3FF) and Plug-In SIM (2FF).


Robust SIM cards, sometimes also referred to as ruggedized SIMs, are specifically designed for extreme conditions such as large temperature spans and variations, moist, vibrations etc. This SIM card is recommended for outdoor usage.


For IoT devices without any SIM socket M2M SIMs (MFF2) are available. Instead of inserting a standard plastic SIM into a SIM slot, the M2M SIM is soldered directly onto the device circuit board and embedded into the device.


Customer defined branding of SIM cards is available on request.

Please contact us for all other SIM form factor requests.

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