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Validate & Confirm Information

The Home Location Register (HLR) is a group of databases maintained by MNOs. The HLR holds the most accurate and up to date information on every single mobile phone number across the world. Performing a ‘lookup’ or a ‘check’ on the HLR provides real-time, key information on mobile numbers in a fast and cost-effective way.

Accessing the HLR via our HTTP API will open up a world of useful information that can be used to clean up contact databases, ensuring that SMS marketers and telemarketers use their time and budgets effectively.

Specific information provided by an HLR check includes:

  • If the phone number is live/active/connected/valid
  • If the mobile phone is switched on
  • The original network and the current network the phone is subscribed to
  • The number’s roaming status
  • The number’s porting status

All HLR checks are performed remotely, without the knowledge of the mobile phone user – nothing happens to the actual handset while an HLR lookup is being done.

What Can the CLX HLR Services Offer My Business?

HLR checks offer the following benefits:

  • Get the most up to date information in real-time, to ensure your database is free of invalid numbers
  • Save time and boost efficiency, especially if you are sending thousands of messages or making thousands of phone calls
  • Save money by not getting billed for wasted calls or undelivered text messages
  • Reach more customers / prospects by only calling verified numbers to potentially increase conversion rates
  • Minimize customer complaints by avoiding calls to customers who may be charged extra when roaming
  • You can access our HLR service by integrating with the HTTP HLR API. Simply submit mobile numbers and select to receive the returned data either to a post back URL or a CSV file through email.
  • CLX offers competitive pricing for our HLR Lookup product. Find out more on our Pricing page.

HLR Helps Ensure that Messages are Only Sent to Active Numbers; Saving Time, Money and your Brand Reputation!

HLR Helps Ensure that Messages are Only Sent to Active Numbers; Saving Time, Money and your Brand Reputation!

HLR Lookup Key Features

  • Boost Performance

    Boost Performance

    Get optimum campaign results by regularly cleaning number data using HLR Lookup.

  • Collect Information

    Collect Information

    Gain extra information about subscribers, to be able to accurately budget for campaigns and plan routing.

  • Analyze Information

    Analyze Information

    Use the data reports received to better understand your audience.

HLR Use Cases

An HLR lookup offers the potential to reduce cost and increase efficiency for a wealth of industries.

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